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Planning and Coordinating Your Move

Hi guys. Cirdan Imbler here with Puget Sound Moving.

A piece of advice on planning and coordinating your move. So if there are multiple people involved in planning and coordinating the move, it’s very important that all the folks that are involved in the coordination and the facilitation of your move communicate with Puget Sound Moving. We want to ensure that all of us have the same information, instructions, requirements, and whatnot.

You may have a move planner, maybe a couple, multiple scenarios where there’s going to be more than one person involved planning the move and being there to facilitate the move, and there may be different people at each stage of the move. It’s very, very important that the things that are discussed, that are required, all the particulars, all the details of your move, your planning and again on moving day, that we’re all on the same page.

It’s not uncommon that people that are helping facilitate the move whether it’s just a couple, the family, move planners, there may be some parts or some details that are missing with people that are out there. So we potentially can be told two different things or the person who is planning didn’t have the same expectations as the person who is there on the day of the move.

Whoever is involved, it’s really beneficial for all of us to have all of the details and that we’re all communicating and coordinating to ensure that all the bumps that we may hit throughout the move have already been discussed, and we can reduce those or eliminate those. So it’s something that you may not think of if you’re coordinating things with your significant other or whoever it may be that all of that communication…if there’s an email change, CC everybody on it. That way again, there’s nothing left out in whatever details are discussed over the phone.

It’s good to share those, all of them, so that we can avoid any potential miscommunication.

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