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Does Puget Sound Moving Offer Storage in Seattle Area?

Hi guys. Let’s talk a little bit about storage.

Do we offer storage? Yes, we do offer storage. The way we store in our warehouse is 7x7x5 wooden vaults. The preparation for the furniture is essentially the same as when we’re going to move it from your current house to your new house. We use heavy duty quilt pads. We pad wrap and protect all of the furniture. We use shrink wrap on all the furniture when it’s going into our warehouse. We inventory all the furniture and all of the boxes on site, so a great way to store your furniture for the duration of time that you need it. As far as weighing out pros and cons, one of the cons if you’re going to store with us is if you need frequent access to your items, those are the things that you, in all honesty, don’t want to store at our warehouse. Our warehouse is not set up like a public storage where you go in and you simply roll up the garage door and go in there and get into your item. So if you’ve got documents or boxes or other things that you’re going to need to get to while your items are in storage, I would say store those elsewhere. Having everything padded, protected, and in wood vaults and secured, it’s a great way to store your furniture. It’s also nice when you’re moving in and moving out to have all that extra prep work done when you’re ready to go into potentially your new home. A lot of the work is already done. It’s stored there in our warehouse, you call us, we load it on our truck and take it to your new location. One of the other things when people are weighing out using a storage facility versus storing with Puget Sound Moving obviously is the cost and the benefits associated with storing at our warehouse.

One of the things that I would advise you to do is get an expectation of actually what it’s going to cost to store your belongings. We typically see people thinking that their items are going to fit in a certain size storage unit, and it’s very common that that storage unit is not going to be big enough to fit your items. I’ve seen some general ideas of the size of a home, 2,000 square feet fits in a 10×20 unit. Most homes and most of the furniture in homes typically don’t fit in that general consensus of what is going to fit in a storage unit. So we commonly see folks have to get…if we’re moving you into a storage unit, it’s very common approach to see, you’ll go out and get a 10×20 unit and on moving day, you have to rent another 10×15 unit because your items don’t fit. So before that, you were weighing out the cost of a storage facility versus the cost of Puget Sound Moving. What didn’t get factored into that equation is actually the true amount of storage space that you needed. So you’ll look at our estimate that you need x number of vaults, and you’ll look at a storage facility 10×20, 10×30, whatever it may be, and again just knowing exactly how much space you’re going to need or being on the high side of that.

Another thing to consider is fitting everything into your storage unit. Do you want to have to stack all your furniture from floor to ceiling throughout the unit? What we recommend is getting a big enough space or multiple spaces so that you can create some rows in those storage units to be able to have some access. I think we all prefer to not open up a storage door and there’s just a wall of boxes and furniture right there in front of us. It’s something to consider in terms of making the choice to store your items with us at our warehouse.

Like I said, we definitely offer storage and we’d be happy to go over the details of storing your items with Puget Sound Moving.

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