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How Much Will My Move Cost?

Hi, guys, Cirdan Imbler with Puget Sound Moving.

Let’s talk a little bit about how your move is charged, how much it’s gonna cost.

Local moves in Washington are charged hourly. So moves that are 55 miles or less from your current place to your new place are gonna be charged hourly based on the size of the crew.

If you’re going over 55 miles, the charges are gonna be based on the weight and the mileage. So generally we’re gonna know where you’re going from and where you’re going to. The mileage is fixed. The variable is the weight. So when you’re going over 55 miles, we want to provide you with an accurate estimate in terms of the weight of your shipment. The final weight of your shipment is determined by the scale. So prior to the time that we load, we get what’s called a lightweight on the truck. We load your items, and then we get a heavyweight. You’ll know exactly how much your move weighs, and prior to that, we’re gonna be able to give you a quote and an expectation of how much your shipment is going to weigh.

So moving inside the state of Washington, those are the two ways your move is gonna be charged, whether you’re moving locally, again, less than 55 miles, all gonna be done hourly. We’ll go over the details with you, get you the right size crew and one or two trucks, what’s appropriate for your move and your home. Or moving outside of that 55-mile radius, where we’re gonna determine the weight of the shipment and, again, be able to provide you an inventory and accurate quote and what to expect on moving day.

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